Butcher Box

ZWL $10,000.00

Butcher Box Pork Only

1x 1.6kg Pork Rolled Middle • 2x 1kg Pork loin Chops • 1x 1kg Pork Schnitzels

ZWL $12,000.00

Butcher Box Pork and Chicken

1 x 1.6kg Pork Rolled Roast • 1 x 1kg Pork Loin chops • 1 x 1.6kg Chicken Whole Bird • 1 x 1kg Chicken thighs • 1 x 1kg Chicken Breast

ZWL $12,000.00

Dairy Box

1x 1l Kefalos Double Thick/ Greek yoghurt • 1 x 1l Kefalos Yoghurt low fat • 12 x Kefalos flavoured yoghurt • 1 x 200g Kefalos Cheddar Cheese • 1 x 200 Kefalos Gouda Cheese • 1 x 200g Kefalos Mozzarella Cheese • *48 hours lead time, dairy box will be delivered after 48 hours*

ZWL $18,000.00

Butcher Box Mixed Box 5-6kg

2 x 500g Lean Mince • 2 x 500g Super Rib Eye Steaks or 2x 500g Super Rump or 2 x 500g Sirloin • 2 x 1kg chicken breast • 2 x 500g Pork Loin Chops

ZWL $18,000.00

Beef and Pork Box 5-6kg

2 x 500g Lean mince • 2 x 500g portions Minute Steak • 2 x 500g Super Rib Eye Steaks or 2 x 500g Super Rump or 2 x 500g Sirloin • 1kg - 1.5kg Pork Roast • 2 x 500g Pork Loin Chops

ZWL $20,000.00

Surf and Turf

800g Squid Rings • 800g Prawns • 2x 250g Hake Fillet • 4 x 250g Super T Bone • 4 x 250g Super Rib Eye

ZWL $26,000.00

Butcher Box Steak Lover's Box

4x Super Tomahawk Steaks • 4x Super T Bone Steaks • 4x Super Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks • 3cm thick steaks, vacuum packed

ZWL $7,600.00

Butcher's Value Box

1kg Mixed Pork • 1kg Chicken Cutlets • 1kg Commercial T-bone • 1kg Beef Mixed Ration

ZWL $12,000.00

Braai Box with 1Kg Hunters Boerewors

1.2 kg T-bone (6 portions) • 1 x Flat chicken • 1.2kg Pork loin chops (6 portions) • . • With Add On Hunters Boerewors 1kg .

ZWL $18,000.00

Beef and Chicken Box 5-6kg

2 x 500g Lean Mince • 2 x 500g Chicken Breast • 1.4 - 1.6kg Whole Bird • 1kg Chicken Wings • 2x 500g Super Rib Eye Steaks or 2 x 500g Super Rump or 2 x 500g Sirloin

ZWL $16,200.00

Beef Only with 1Kg Hunters Boerewors (5-6kg)

2x 500g Lean Mince • 2x500g Super Rib Eye Steaks or 2 x 500g Super Rump or 2x 500g Sirloin • 900g - 1.1kg Topside Roast • 2 x 500g Super Blade Stewing • . • With Add On 2 x 500g Hunters boerewors

ZWL $14,000.00

Chicken only with 1Kg Chicken Wors - 6kg

1kg Irvines drumsticks • 1kg Irvines thighs • 1kg Irvines chicken breast • Irvines Whole bird 1.6kg • 1kg Irvines wings • . . • with add on - 1kg Irvines Farmstyle Chicken wors

ZWL $18,000.00

Butcher Box's Fish Box

2 x Fish Fingers 500g • 2 x Hake Fillet Plain 500g • 2 x Hake Fillet Crumbed 500g • 2 x Fish Cake 500g

My first box arrived at work yesterday! Chuffed!

Hayley Sebborn

Wow you guys are really innovative!

Concillia Mudzi

So innovative

Shireen Ovidio



In addition to curated cuts of 100% premium meat, each ButcherBox also includes easy-to-follow recipes from leading International Chefs. To ensure complete satisfaction, we taste-test every recipe before we include it in our shipments.



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Why ButcherBox

Trusted Quality: 100% premium quality Zimbabwean meat, All our meat is sourced from trusted suppliers. Convenience: Free delivery within Harare (leave the potholes and roadblocks to us!), Perfectly portioned cuts.

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